Bal Mahila Kalyan
Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan

Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan
Bal Mahila Kalyan (BMK) founded in 1990, a non-governmental Organization, was registered under the Societies Act 1860 vide number 293dt 8-8-1991, FCRA act 1976 no 03130001 dated 17-12-1993 and also under the Income Tax Act under Section 12A and 80G. No CIT/BGP/Tech/1222-25 & 1226-31 has its office at Vikash Ashram, Officers Colony, Mirchaibari, Katihar, Bihar, India. BMK also owns about 3 acres of land at Dandkhora Block in Katihar District. More than a dozen full-time and more than three dozen part-time staff under the direct guidance of Smt. Anila Kumari, Secretary BMK, carry out its activitie.
The organization has acted as a catalyst to improve the socio-economic status of women in villages. It started off with forming “Self Help Groups” (SHG) to empower women economically. It was not an easy path. Initially when the women were asked to save money together as a group they were scared that all their money would be lost. The banks refused to open accounts for them. But middle aged women like Smt. Soghra Khatoon, Smt. Farida Khatoon, and Smt. Raqibun etc were enthused and finally they could open an account at the Kosi Kshetriya Gramin Bank. Various enterprises were taken up – manufacturing of jute handicrafts, for which training was imparted by us in our headquarters, manufacture of plastic toys, poultry farming etc. Ready buyers were found in the local markets. Bank loans were repaid in time; the bank had found a new segment of honest customers. Soon other banks followed e. g. State Bank of India, Central Bank of India etc. Some of these groups were designated as ideal e.g. Mahila Sakti Abhilasa, Nari Pragati, Anmol Mahila Jagran etc. They influenced other women in nearby villages to form new SHG’s. This new found economic freedom enhanced the status of these women in the eyes of the men in their families and mohalla and they became self confident. Women are now respected by men and their voice counts while making a decision which was not the case earlier. BMK has till now been able to initiate the formation of more than five hundred SHG’s.

Awareness Bal Mahila Kalyan regarding the importance of immunisation of pregnant mothers and children and the 5 Cleans during labour is woefully inadequate in this high BPL family rate area. Unemployment rate is high and country liquor the common solace. Steps to increase awareness by taking the village dais into confidence and arranging non formal education for the age group 5 – 10 years has yielded some results. Adolescents have been provided a forum to discuss their problems by way of Chetna Club-25, Rural Youth Club-20 and Career Clubs-24. They have been educated about Sexual and Reproductive Health in weekly sessions by our health motivator. Yuva Suchna Kendra’s have been opened in 6 Panchayat areas in their respective Panchayat Bhavans from wherethe youth may obtain guidance on a variety of issues ranging from where medicines for Tuberculosis and precaution of HIV/AIDS, other health issues could be obtained to career opportunities. In our YIC we provide the tools of indoor and outdoor games, magazine related to health. Our organizations have developed 30 male + 30 female peer educators at block level. They aware the community about the precaution and impact of different diseases. Some of our works are:-

  1. 1. BMK had organized life skill session at community level.
  2. 2. BMK had also organized Nukkad Natak, Roll Play, Audio Visuals for the eradication of female infanticide, female feticide, HIV/AIDS etc.
  3. 3. It had organized Poster Drawing competition, quiz in school and college level and healthy baby show.
  4. 4. We go through birth attendant at each corner of our villages to provided health guide line for mother & child
  5. 5. BMK had organized common birth day celebration for proper health care like a cleanness, balance diet, education etc.
  6. 6. In this celebration we invite guardian with their children and local PRI members, Stakeholder for upliftment of the health level of the community.
  7. 7. We have also developed a package like rural cooking class in which our experts give tips to the adolescent about balance diet and the causes of mal nutrition
  8. 8. We also aware the community through the wall writing, pumplets, hording, media etc.
  9. 9. We have also adopted Award and prize system for small achievement to win confidence of community and parents
  10. 10. BMK is also organizing tournaments at block level from which we select the talented youth and provide different opportunities district and state levels.
  11. 11.We have also developed a new dynamic idea “Professional use of Rural Talent” is the abstract of past experiences to accelerate very – very high growth rate of success towards “PURNA SWARAJ” – Social Research and Analytical monitoring evaluation.

Bal Mahila Kalyan in a short span of about a dozen odd years has been able to establish itself as a credible Organization with capable and dedicated staff in Katihar. The District Administration supports its efforts and has included them in their activities e.g. Sam Vikas, PHED, Child Labour, juvenile justice board etc. It has worked in cooperation with numerous national and international agencies. Bal Mahila Kalyan will continue to work for the socio-economic upliftment of women, adolescents and children at the grass root level. It hopes to see to the eradication of imbalances including disparities in health care in our society in the shortest possible time.

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