Bal Mahila Kalyan
Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan
Bal Mahila Kalyan


                       Bal Mahila Kalyan has developed its own identity to create and link economically backward clusters in to income generation ventures.Through which the organization has tried to promote life skill education in its operational area.
         Motivating women to form a group i.e. Self Help Group is an example of development of clusters.Capacity building of these group members and their family members is a multifaceted exercise, so introducing vocational cum cultural activities among common adolescents is a crucial job that BMK is trying to do. Career planning of youth is another aspect of their capacity building.
             Migration is an important issue in this area. We believe that vocational training can minimize the rate of migration from the district. District administration has extended its full cooperation in formulating their district action plan- as one of the office bearer of the organization is a member of district Health Society, Rogi Kalyan Samiti, Juvenile Justice Board, Sam Vikas, Public Health and Sanitation Committee, Child Labour, Electronic Media etc.

Link Worker Scheme:

Bal Mahila Kalyan The women and young people are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the infection. Katihar district is also one of the Vulnerable districts (category – B) mattering HIV/AIDS. In this connection “Link Worker Scheme” has been launched to address this component in rural Katihar with the conceptual support of Plan India, BSACS, and NACO & UNDP halt & reverse HIV infection through effective coordination at the district level.
  The HRG mapping exercise was conducted in Link Worker Scheme specifically covers highly vulnerable villages and addresses population with high risk Behaviors and young people. As a part of the preventive interventions for the general population, the developing a communication strategy our team has organized systematic campaign under the concurrent supervision of Plan India from awareness generation to effecting behavior change.
            Bal Mahila Kalyan The project team has focused on the reduction of stigma and discrimination, promotion of services. A special emphasis has been given to youth and women who are more vulnerable to the HIV infection. Several multimedia, mid-media and mass media campaigns primarily targeted. At the same time identification of training needs of Link workers, Volunteers, Condom Depot Holders, Red Ribbon Club Members etc. became the common features of the scheme. The continuous follow up of National & Regional Team of Plan India have updated our working skill to improve the working methodology of situation analysis and execution of different activities towards Halt and Reverse HIV from the district. The BSACS, DAPCU, PRIs and District administration have given all sorts of support to Link worker Scheme.


Bal Mahila Kalyan More than 22 percent of India’s population is between the age group of 10-19, representing a vibrant human resource. Adolescence is a period of formative and dynamic transitions in human life. What happens in the future depends, to a large extent on the decisions taken by adolescents as they enter their reproductive years. At the same time, the process of commercialization and globalization is influencing the social mores world over including India. Hence it is of utmost importance to strengthen efforts and formulate innovative strategies to channelize adolescents’ energies in a constructive direction. Adolescent Education Programme is one such effort, keeping pace with the challenges of the new generation.


Bal Mahila Kalyan The main thrust of Ambedkar Hastashilp Vikas Yojana (AHVY) work for integrated development of potential handicrafts clusters with participation of the craft persons. The scheme envisages a package of support to the cluster of handicraft artisans, which inter-alia includes basic inputs and infrastructure support in addition to capacity enhancement to cater to target markets. Government. of India and the State Governments are consistently intervening in meaningful ways that have led to the revival and survival of crafts. Bal Mahila Kalyan has identified Dandkhora block as artisans cluster under the programme. Some groups have been trained. They have started their own work. There are three cluster simultaneity getting training to upgrade their skill and getting motivation from organization are namely Jute diversified product training, appliqué craft and sikki craft. After the identification of the cluster ,base line survey was conducted in the village to find out women artisans. We have identified 458 interested women artisan, who were brought together to form SHGs. We have formed 25 SHGs in the cluster very much focused to the programme. BMK have completed 10 skill upgradation, for a period of 04 months to total 200 artisans out of which 6 for jute handicraft, 2 applique craft & 2 sikki Craft. The design & technical development workshop have also been conducted among 180 artisans for 15 days in 06 batches @ 30 artisans in one batch . ( 4 jute handicraft , 01 sikki & o01 applique) . The designer have been invited from a reputed organization such as NIFT , National / international level organization .BMK could not participate in Gandhi shilp Bazar delhi haat.

Clusture development programme:

The motto of the program is to promote jute diversified handicraft products by organizing women Artisans through SHGs in cluster approach. The focus is to revive artisan’s cluster with holistic development of them. At first district profile was prepared for both Katihar and Bhagalpur districts. In this series district level officials/departments such as Additional District Magistrate (Development), DRDA, DIC, NABARD etc were contacted & potential Blocks were identified. The following blocks were short listed for primary initiatives District Katihar – 1 katihar . Belwa 2. Korha Kheria, Gerabari- District Bhagalpur – 1.Kharik Mirjapuri, Kharik, 4. Saabour- Lodhipur.
The support institution NCJD Kolkata have been contacted several times, to continue the momentum of learning of each artisans but the concern official have not taken any written communication. The General Manager DIC Katihar has also been requested for persuato

. Self Help Group under SGSY:

Bal Mahila Kalyan Bal Mahila Kalyan, as the leading NGO for the Dist. Rural Development Agency, selected as nodal NGO for 7 GPs of Manihari Block; to form and develop SHGs. The programme Associate for SHG programme are wonderfully sensitizing and mobilizing the community in the area; the integration with block and PRIs get marvelous result in the field. The result of grading & Bank linkage was quiet poor due to Non cooperation from Bank At the same time BMK was also selected for nodal NGO for SHG promotion by DRDA for Rangra Block in Bhagalpur Distric.


Nabard has released our past claim. We have applied for further formation of 200 SHG.
We are nurturing SHGs with the support of NABARD in Katihar District. We have successfully formed 300 SHG’s under NABARD’s guidelines since long. The bank is not taking interest in promoting APL-- SHG in bank linkage. Few govt. official have supported few SHG.

HUNER NIOS - Gram Sakhi :

NIOS and Bihar Education Project was running Huner Programme for Muslim Minority Girls. The objective is to provide basic health education to adolescent girls of the Muslim Community, so they could get employment in health sector. We have managed 185 participants having 65 in Gram sakhi and 120 in tailoring -cutting. NIOS team have sanctioned Five vocational centers having following description.

Sr. No.

Code no.

Centre Name





1. OBH 0313008 40 Area Develop ment centre (ADC)Katihar Tailoring Kadwa Sonali Dokhra 40
2. OBH 0312808 Kosi kalyan Craft Samiti (KKCS) Tailoring Sameli Devipur 30
3. OBH 0330308 Madarsa Usmania, Falka Tailoring Falka Kusyari 30
4. OBH 0312908 Techno Craft, Katihar Gram sakhi Manihari Narayanpur 40
5. OBH 0312708 Bal Mahila Kalyan, Katihar Tailoring Katihar Mirchaibari 25

Other program Brief Deatils :

Family Planning (FP) and Reproductive Child Health (RCH) Project Intervention area in Bihar (Name of Districts)

Name of Project

Name of Districts

Funding Agency

Duration of Project

Total Beneficiary

Psychological actions for adolescent Katihar NFI, New Delhi 2004-05 1845
Rural Communication System Katihar NFI, New Delhi 2004-05 1975
Asha School Education Programme Katihar Asha Jyotirgamay USA 2004-05 2560
Challenge Fund of Mamta Katihar Mamta HIMC New Delhi 2005-06 3200
Female Foticides / Birth Registration Katihar Adithi (Plan) 2005-06 7880
Sociological March Form Female Infanticides Towards Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health Katihar NFI, New Delhi 1997-2006 35680
Female Foticides / Birth Registration Katihar Adithi (Plan) 2006-07 5530
Reducction of child / mother mortality Rate in Dandkhora Katihar Geneva –Global Inc 2008-10 12365
Link worker Scheme Katihar Plan India 2008-10 14360

Total Work experience in the field of Family Planning (FP) and Reproductive Child Health (RCH) issues.

Name of Project

Funding Agency

Duration of Project

Total Budget

Total Beneficiary

Psychological actions for adolescent NFI, New Delhi 2004-05 2,18,724 1845
Rural Communication System NFI, New Delhi 2004-05 2,25.750 1975
Asha School Education Programme Asha Jyotirgamay USA 2004-05 89,040 2560
Challenge Fund of Mamta Mamta HIMC New Delhi 2005-06 661.110 3200
Female Foticides / Birth Registration Adithi (Plan) 2005-06 3,04,380 7880
Sociological March Form Female Infanticides Towards Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health NFI, 1997-06 3800000 35680
Female Foticides / Birth Registration Adithi (Plan) 2006-07 1,07,000 5530
Reduction of child / mother mortality Rate in Dandkhora Geneva –Global Inc 2008-10 10,14,000 12365
Link worker Scheme Katihar Plan India 4279270 14360

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